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tips for job interview

When it comes to hiring, one industry expert says it pays to use a hiring team, rather that just having one person do the inteview. A hiring team, he said, can sometimes catch crucial details that one person may miss.  FILE  (Dan Coyro -- Santa Cruz Sentinel) In other words, why are your brake pads better than all of the other ones out there? The answer to that could hinge on several factors, including the quality of materials used, a track record of successful performance and a price range that is competitive with other companies that sell the same product. The bottom line is you want someone who can convey all of that in a clear, concise and convincing way to potential customers. And theres an art to that. But what do you do when the person you recently hired a person who claimed to know the market inside and out cant sell his way out of a paper bag? Youll likely have to let him go and begin the search for his replacement. If theres an upside to all of this its that youre not alone. Scores of businesses hire people every day who just dont work out for one reason or another. Sometimes they arent clicking for a multitude of reasons.

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